Chaudhary Mehdi Hassan Bhatti

Well Known Politician From Hafizabad District

Tribes and Castes

Prominent Tribes and Castes Of Hafizabad

City of Rice

Rice occupies 2.5 million hectare that is 10.9% of the total cultivated area with production of 5.1 million tonnes of milled rice. In Pakistan’s agrarian economy rice plays multifarious roles,…

Ashraf Heera

Hafizabadian Top Calligrapher

List Of Artists

A List Of Artists Of Hafizabad

Saints Of Hafizabad

All About The Saints Of Hafizabad

City Bazar

Main Bazaar : The most popular bazaar of the city is called Main Bazar . This bazar has an enterance from Fawara Chowk through the ancient and historical gate called…

Natural Resources

Main Crops Wheat and Rice are the main crops grown in the district. Besides, Sugarcane, Bajra, Tobacco, Maize, Jawar, Mash, Moong, Masoor, Gram, Maize, Oil Seed such as Rape/Mustard and…

Geographic Locations

The district is located at a longitude between 73 0 -12 and 73 0 -46 east and at a latitude between 31 0 -45 and 32 0 -20 north. The…

Basic History

A Short Note On History Of Hafizabad

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