Ashraf Heera

HAFIZABAD-52110, (Punjab), PAKISTAN.
Mobile #. 0092-302-6881122, & 0092-313-7448811.
E-mail: &
Date of Birth: 25-12-1991
Teacher: Mr. Ghulam Rasool

Certified in Calligraphy by National College of Arts Lahore.2003,
6 year Diploma in calligraphy by Gouhar Calligraphy Academy.2009,
Ijaza in Calligraphy by Ustad Ahmed Zia Ibrahim.( Saudi Arebia & Turkey) 2006.
Ijaza in Calligraphy (Kufi) by Ustad Al-Mounji Ammar (Tunis) 2008.
Ijaza in Calligraphy (Kufi) by Ustad Ghulam Rasool (Pakistan) 2008.
Profession: Calligrapher, Illuminator, Visual & Miniature Artist, Photographer, Designer.
Achievements, Honors & Awards:
1: Got won Prize,(in Incentive Prize) and became First calligrapher in history of
Pakistan and Youngest in the world Who won first prize for Pakistan in KHATKUFI, in
any international Calligraphy Competition. By winning international calligraphy competition 2004
held in Turkey.
2: President gold medal, presented by President of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad RafiqTarar.1999.
( Pakistan highest civil award )
3: National President Talent Award, presented by Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr.Shoukat Aziz. 2005.
( Pakistan highest civil award for youngest )
4: Leveled the world record of getting most winner positions in khat-e-Kufi style by winning
the international Calligraphy competition 2007, in khat-e-Kufi, held in Istanbul-Turkey.2007.
5: Pakistan’s first and world’s youngest calligrapher who Created the style of new
branch of khat-e-Kufi. with the name Kufi Qalam-ul-Ashraf Heera. 2001.
6: Awarded with the honor of the first Pakistani calligrapher who won the biggest number of
Winning Position in international competition on winning the international calligraphy competition
in Egypt. 2008.
7: The calligrapher of Gulaf-e-Kaba Mukhtar Mufeez-ur-Rahman & Imam Kaba AlShaikh
Abdul Rahman Alsudais Awarded with the titlee of “USTAD” (Master of Calligraphy) for the
Outstanding work in very early age. 2006.
8: National Children Award, presented by Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Meraj Khalid. 1997.
(Pakistan highest civil award for Children)
9: Diamond of Pakistan Award, presented by Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Mian M.Nawaz Sharif,1999.
10: Government of the Punjab awarded Certificate of National Record on getting most first Positions
in the Calligraphy competitions held on Provincial and National level between Student calligraphers
in Pakistan.2004.
11: The Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed yousaf Raza Gelani Appriciated for winning Continuously
8 international calligraphy competitions. 2008.
12: Government of Pakistan his awarded me the National Youth Award for outstanding achievements
in Calligraphy on the international youth day. 2007. (Pakistan highest civil award for youth)
13: : Government of Iran his awarded me the Certificate of Honor Award for best performance
in Quran Calligraphy Exhibition. Tehran-Iran. 2009.
14: Encouragement prize of Governor of Punjab Mr.Khalid Maqbool.2002.
And achieved many National and International Awards, Shields, Gold Medals and
Honor Certificates.1997 to 2010.
1: 1st Prize in Kufi Style in the 8th International Calligraphy Competition
By OIC.(IRCICA) Istanbul-Turkey, 2004.
2: 1st Prize in Kufi Style in the 6th International Calligraphy Competition
By OIC.(IRCICA) Istanbul-Turkey, 2004.
3: 1st Prize in (Islamic Calligraphy) International Calligraphy Competition, Cairo-Egypt. 2005.
4: 1st Prize in International Islamic Calligraphy Competition, Dubai-UAE. 2005.
5: 1st Prize in International Calligraphy Competition, Iran 2006.
6: 1st Prize in International Arabic Calligraphy Competition, Saudi Arab, 2006.
7: 1st Prize (Winner of mention prize) in Kufi Style in the 7th International Calligraphy Competition
By OIC.(IRCICA) Istanbul-turkey, 2007.
8: 1st Prize in (Arabic Calligraphy) International Calligraphy Competition, Beijin-China.2007.
9: 1st Prize in (Arabic Calligraphy) International Calligraphy Competition, Beijing-China.2008.
10: 1st Prize in Khodeir Albor Saeedi International Calligraphy Competition, Cairo-Egypt, 2008.
11: 3rd Prize in PCG.4th International Calligraphy Competition, Pakistan, 2004.
12: 4th Prize in International Calligraphy Festival (Competition) Algiers- Algeria, 2009.
13: 3rd Prize in Pakistan Highest National Calligraphy Competition, Lahore, 2008.
14: 35th Times 1st Prizes in Provincial & National Calligraphy Competitions of student
Calligraphers Organized by Government and private departments, 1997 to 2005.
15: 2nd Prize in Calligraphy Competition by MCYA.(Gov. of Punjab), Des. 2000.
16: 3rd Prize in Calligraphy Competition by Punjab Text Book Board, Oct. 2000.
17: 4th Prize in National calligraphy exhibition by Jhang arts council, Jhang. 2004.
18: And won many National and International Awards, Honors, Gold Medals,
Shields and Certificates. 1997 to 2010.
1. 1999, 1st International Exhibition of Calligraphy, Mashed – Iran.
2. 2000, ICS. International Calligraphy Exhibition, Cairo- Egypt.
3. 2000 to 2007, PCG.2nd ,3rd , 4th & 5th International Calligraphy Exhibition, Lahore – Pakistan
4. 2000, 2001, PNCA.5 th & 6 th National Calligraphy Exhibition, Islamabad – Pakistan
5. 2002, PAC. National Calligraphy Exhibition, Lahore- Pakistan.
6. 2003, 2004, FAC. 1st & 2nd National Calligraphy Exhibition, Faisalabad – Pakistan.
7. 2003, LM. & PCG. National Calligraphy Exhibition, Lahore- Pakistan.
8. 2005, 2nd International Exhibition of Calligraphy, London- England.
9. 2006, 3rd International Calligraphy Exhibition, Malaysia.
10: 2005, CAP. National Calligraphy Exhibition, Lahore-Pakistan.
11: 2000, 2001,2004, 3 time Participate in International Exhibition of art, Tokyo- Japan.
12: 2006, Italy and Pakistan International Calligraphy Exhibition, Lahore – Pakistan.
13: 2005, & 2006. International Calligraphy Exhibition, Makkah – Saudi Arab.
14: 2007, OIC.(IRCICA) international calligraphy exhibition, Islamabad – Pakistan.
15: 2007, International Calligraphy Exhibition, Beijing –China.
16: 2007, International Calligraphy Exhibition by city district government Karachi- Pakistan.
17: 2007, PNCA national art and Calligraphy Exhibition, Islamabad-Pakistan.
18: 2008, International Calligraphy Exhibition (Multaqi Kuwait) Kuwait,
19: 2008, International Arabic Calligraphy Art Exhibition, Dubai – UAE.
20: 2009, International Calligraphy Festival Algeirs-Algeria,
21: 2009, International Quran Calligraphy Exhibition. Tehran-Iran.
22: 2010, 4th International Biennial of the Art of Arabic calligraphy, Sharjah-UAE.
23: And participated in many National and International Calligraphy Exhibitions, 1999 to 2010.

Legend: ICS=Islamic calligraphy society, PCG=Pakistan calligraph artist’s guild, PAC=Punjab arts Council,
PNCA=Pakistan national council of the arts, FAC=Faisalabad arts council, LM=Lahore museum,
CAP=Calligraphers association of Pakistan, MCYA=Ministry Culture & Youth Affairs.(Gov. of Punjab).

From Hafizabadi.Com
Muhammad Ashraf Heera, a native of Hafizabad, is a highly esteemed Pakistani calligraphy artist and academic. His exceptional skills in Arabic and Islamic calligraphy have earned him recognition and accolades on both national and international platforms. Through his dedication and passion for this ancient art form, Heera has become a prominent figure in the world of calligraphy.

Born in Hafizabad, a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan, Muhammad Ashraf Heera grew up surrounded by the rich cultural heritage of the region. From a young age, he displayed a deep interest in art and design, particularly in the intricate world of calligraphy.

Heera pursued formal education in calligraphy to refine his skills and explore the intricacies of the art form. Under the guidance of renowned calligraphy masters, including Al-Munji Ammar in Tunisia and Ghulam Rasool in Pakistan, Heera honed his craft and developed his own unique artistic style.

Muhammad Ashraf Heera’s artistic achievements have brought pride to his hometown of Hafizabad and showcased the immense talent present in the region. He has participated in numerous international calligraphy competitions and has achieved remarkable success.

In addition to winning multiple awards and honors, Heera has also organized the Ashraf-ul-Qalam National Calligraphy Competitions, which have provided a platform for calligraphers from Hafizabad and beyond to showcase their skills. His efforts in promoting calligraphy have contributed to the preservation and recognition of this art form within the local community.

Through his exhibitions held in various countries, Heera has brought global attention to the artistic talent emerging from Hafizabad. His captivating calligraphic works have been displayed in prestigious venues, allowing audiences around the world to appreciate the beauty and intricacy of his art.

Muhammad Ashraf Heera’s artistic accomplishments and contributions have placed Hafizabad on the map as a hub of calligraphy excellence. His success serves as an inspiration to aspiring calligraphers from the city and highlights the artistic potential that exists within its boundaries.

As an academic and mentor, Heera continues to nurture and inspire the next generation of calligraphers in Hafizabad. Through his workshops and guidance, he ensures that the rich tradition of calligraphy remains alive and vibrant within the local community.

Muhammad Ashraf Heera, a native of Hafizabad, has achieved remarkable success in the field of calligraphy. His dedication, talent, and numerous accolades have not only brought recognition to his own artistic prowess but have also put Hafizabad on the map as a city that nurtures and produces exceptional calligraphers.

As Heera continues to leave a lasting legacy through his artistic achievements and contributions, his impact on the cultural landscape of Hafizabad remains profound. His work serves as a testament to the power of art to transcend boundaries and connect communities, making him a true source of pride for his hometown.


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