Dulla Bhatti

Dulla Bhatti (popularly referred to as the “Son of Punjab” or “Robin Hood of Punjab”, sometimes spelled Dulha Bhatti and also known as Rai Abdullah Bhatti) is a folk hero who came from the Punjab region of Medieval India and led a revolt against Mughal rule during the reign of the Mughal King Akbar.

He is mostly absent from the recorded history of the time, and the only evidence of his existence comes from Punjabi folk songs, as per Rajput Court and Sikh sources. Dulla Bhati was a Muslim Rajput whose father was a local zamindar. Dulla Bhatti lived at Pindi Bhattian in Punjab and came from a family of hereditary local rural chiefs of the zamindar class.

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  1. Pehli gal ae k tusa dullah bhatti da name ghalat dsseya a ja k pehlo ody pind cho pata ty kr lawo oda nam ki a o rai nai mian muhammad abdullah khan bhatti a j tusi hafizabadi o ty tusi jandy howogy jalalpur bhattian pindi bhattian side sary bhatti mian title landy ne rai nai ty duji gal a k jiwy tusi dsseya kharal vich k aa jutt v ny ty rajput v enj he dulla bhatti v history vich j rajput likheya gya ty nal he jutt v likheya gaya j koi proof chahi da hoya ty menu mail kr deyo mein o v send kr dewa ga k Dullah bhatti jutt c

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