Muhammad Muhsen Ali

Muhammad Muhsen Ali is a young man from Hafizabad, Pakistan who has achieved outstanding academic success despite facing significant financial and societal challenges. He comes from a financially poor background and had to work at a tandoor to support his family. He lived in a hut and struggled hard to continue his studies. Despite these difficulties, he was able to secure 1st position in the BA examination from Punjab University with 688 marks out of 800, breaking all previous records.

Muhsen Ali’s dedication to his studies is truly remarkable. While his peers slept or watched TV, he used to study during the hours of load shedding, earning up to Rs. 400 a day to bear his study expenses. He studied at home for only six months for a two-year undergraduate program and outsmarted all the regular students who studied at various degree colleges affiliated with the Punjab University.
His academic achievement made him the talk of the town and everyone seems proud of it. After securing 1st position in the Punjab University, Muhsen Ali’s hard work and determination caught the attention of the President, Prime Minister, governors, and the chief ministers who showered praise and cheques worth millions. The Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif, met Muhsen Ali and presented him a cheque of 1 million rupees to help him and his siblings continue their studies. The Chief Minister also awarded him a house at Aashiyana Housing Scheme and instructed officials to arrange for his higher studies on government sponsorship.
Following his graduation, Muhsen Ali went on to complete his MA in English, and later LLB degree.Muhsen Ali He is currently serving as a lecturer in M.A.O College Lahore for several years now and has been dedicatedly working towards the education and development of students.
Muhsen Ali has also been awarded with multiple prestigious awards, including:

The Pride of Pakistan
The Hero of Pakistan Award
The Best Shaheen of Pakistan (Gold Medal)
4 Gold Medals from PU
Gold Medal from House of Lords UK
2 Gold Medals in Basketball (The Champion of Punjab)

Muhsen Ali also served as a Walking Ambassador of Pakistan to Oman, UK, Scotland, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, and was also an Ex Ufone Ambassador.
His achievements have been acknowledged and honored by many notable figures, including Dr Andrew, a Nobel laureate in Physics 2010, Tariq Aziz, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, and many more.
Muhsen Ali’s story is a testament to the richness of talent in Pakistan and the importance of perseverance and determination to achieve success. He is a source of inspiration for many young people and shows that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their goals, no matter their background. He continues to be an inspiration and a role model for many young people who come from similar backgrounds and face similar challenges. His story is a reminder that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

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