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When the hindustan was still hindustan and the partition was not still done, annum income of Hafizabad just from Rice was 1.5 Crore. Peshwar, Agra , Mithra, Calcutta , Karachi , and Sukker were the main clients of Hafizabad. Up to 23 rice mills were there until the partition of Hindustan , the main rice mills were Sohna Mill, Shri Haweli Ram Des Mills, Sardar Sundar Mills , Doctor Manohar Lal Rice Mills, Rajindar Nath Mills , Seeta Raam Mills, Mela Raam Bhagwan Rice Mills, Jeeram Daas Mills , Baily Raam Rice Mills and others.

For the first time railway line was done from Wazirabad to Hafizabad,and for the first time the train came to Hafizabad from Wazirabad on 15 August 1895. Then next step was taken to construct the railway line from Hafizabad to Sangla Hill Junction and this section was started on 1st January 1896. From Sangla Hill to Faisalabad Section ( Railway Line ) was started on 15 February 1896. Up to Toba Tek Singh and Khanewal , railway line section was completed on 23 December 1899 and 16 April 1900 respectively.

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