Natural Resources

Main Crops
Wheat and Rice are the main crops grown in the district. Besides, Sugarcane, Bajra, Tobacco, Maize, Jawar, Mash, Moong, Masoor, Gram, Maize, Oil Seed such as Rape/Mustard and Sunflower are also grown in minor quantities in the district.

Main Fruits
Guavas and Citrus are main fruits grown in the district.Besides, Mango, Banana, Peaches, Jaman and pomegranate are also grown in minor quantities in the district.

Main Vegetables
Potatoes, Onion, Cauliflower and Peas are the main vegetables grown in the district.Besides Carrot, Chillies, Tomatoes, Garlic and Ladyfinger also grown in the district in minor quantities.

a) Location of Forests and Area Under Afforestation.
An area of 4545 acres is under forest. There is also linear plantation of 987 Km alongside the roads/rails/canals in the district. Trees grown in the area are Kikar and Shisham.
b) Production of Timber and Fire-wood.
The production of Timber and Fire-Wood in the district during the period 1998-1999 to 2000-2001 is not mentionable.

Poultry Population
As per Punjab Development Statistics, 2000 there are 97 broiler and 16 layer poultry farms in district Hafizabad having rearing capacity of 1308 and 95 thousand birds respectively

Production of Wool
The sheep population of 46 thousand heads in the district is expected to yield about 46 M. Tons of wool annually.

What said in Tareekh-e-Hafizabad ( Page 240-241 )

We should say thanks to our Allah Almighty Who gave us a lot of natural resources and the products in our city Hafizabad . District Hafizabad contains the great sort of soil in its land .This soil produces wheat , rice , sarsoon , oat , jawar , munji , bajra , moong , sugarcane , alsi , til , grams , oranges , grapefruit , kino , mangoes , guava , bair , leechi , toot , shehtoot , keekar , tahli , bairi , barna , bohar , wun , sufaida , peepal , saroo , dharaik , popular , bans ,shatala , lousan , barsan , kaddu , teenda , kheera , potato , cabbage , radish , carrot , onion , garlic , podina , karela , tarr , bangan , moongre , chili , shaljam , arvi , saunf , nargis , sosan,sweet potato , motia , sada bahar , gul daudi , and a lot of roses .
Moreover this great soil of chenab produces minerals and wild weeds , which are asaphgol ,alsi , baal makai , barg nam , amaltas , babuna , metheray , harmal , kasni , tartam , phali ,til white and black , tama , kamarkus , and Glo .

Do You Know ???
When the hindustan was still hindustan and the partition was not still done , annum income of Hafizabad just from Rice was 1.5 Crore . Peshwar , Agra , Mithra , Calcutta , Karachi , and Sukker were the main clients of Hafizabad . Up to 23 rice mills were there until the partition of Hindustan , the main rice mills were Sohna Mill , Shri Haweli Ram Des Mills , Sardar Sundar Mills , Doctor Manohar Lal Rice Mills , Rajindar Nath Mills , Seeta Raam Mills , Mela Raam Bhagwan Rice Mills , Jeeram Daas Mills , Baily Raam Rice Mills and others .


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