City Bazar

Main Bazaar :
The most popular bazaar of the city is called Main Bazar . This bazar has an enterance from Fawara Chowk through the ancient and historical gate called Akbari Darwaza . Main bazar is 335 meters long bazar which has the Jewelers Shops , General Shops , Paan Shops , Sweet Shops , Milk Shops , Meat Shops , Bangal Shops , Music and Video Points , Cloth Shops , & All the useful stuff shops including herbal stores and Tailor Masters . Main Bazaar has more than 10 streets connected to it .

Arayan Wala Bazaar :
One of the ancient bazaars , this bazaar also has the historical value as is the ancient bazaar before partition on the head chowk of this bazaars there were a lot of depots , shops &business points of Hindu Traders . Arayan Wala Bazaar ( Araina Wala Bazar In Punjabi ) , is the bazaar which starts from the up of Chowk Farooq-e-Azam , and opens in the Main Bazar’s center . This bazar now starts with the shop of Sabizi Wala ( Vegetable Keeper ) , and ends with the shops of cloth merchants , basically belonging to Sheikh Families . An Old Mosque is also located in the center of the bazaar . Some Burqa Specialists also reside here to serve the nation , as they are popular one like Sabir Burqa Specialist .

Al – Faisal Bazaar :
This bazaar kept changing its name with the passage of time but at last got the final name ” Al – Faisal Bazaar ” , in the past the name of this bazaar was Raidhi Bazaar . Where all the hawkers used to use raidhi to sell their goods . This bazaar starts from Vanike Chowk and ends on Gujranwala Road opposite to popular Shaheen Market . The most shops are of Sheikh Caste .


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