Saints Of Hafizabad

  • Hazrat Shah Sharmast Jilal U Din Bukhari
    The tomb of Shah Sharmast is situated in the north of Ghari Awan graveyard near the east of Hafizabad. He was a saint and a person of supernatural powers.Akbar and Jahangir ‘The Mughals’ had visited Shah Sharmast Bkhari. In the north of Shah Sharmast’s tomb Hazrat Hafiz Syed Mustafa, also a saint of mughal’s time had buried who was among the ancient saints of Hafizabad. Mobs gather on 24 Har(a month of bikrami year) on these two tombs, this rituals are continued since the Mughal’s reign.
  • Shah Buban Bukhari
    His real name is Syed Baban Bukhari and commonly known as Baban Bukhari.The population on the east of the famous garden of General Hur Sukh Rai ( Muslim High School) is called as Buban Bukhari.An ancient mosque “Bukhari Sharif” is situated with his tomb. Ahle mohallah rebuilt the mosque and decorated it.In ancient times it was also called” Chah Bukhari”.The native Hindu race Arora Got Gaholati had claimed for its ownership in court but in 1876 the decision of case had been in favour of Muslim Jogi Shah,then he was the owner of this place.An urs had been arranged in the month of ‘Har’every year.
  • Marwan Shah
    He was born in 11 th ‘Hijri’ in a nearby village “Jogi Jamkay” of Pindi Bhattian.His father died in his childhood. He adopted the family profession of laboring, watering the field and harvesting was his responsibilities. When he was servant of Sikh landlord ,he lifted his mother on his shoulders and served her in fields where he worked. It was his routine. It was stated that water become milk when he was watering the field during Shabe-Barat and drank it immediately. When it came in the knowledge of Muhammad Yar Bhatti,he brought him here and gave him the land of Khokhran Wali Khoi.He was buried near the well after death. A small tomb was also built. Presently this well is closed. The tomb is rebuilt recently.
  • Khawaja Khizer Sultan Qadri
    The tomb of Khawajha Khizer Sultan Qadri is considered an asylum of all and sundry in Jalal Pur Kohna Tehsil Pindi Bhattian. He was a saint of Special Qualities. He was the only son of Malik Ain Ud Din who was Raj Pot Kachi by caste. He was born in 11 th century of Hijri calendar.His faith belonged to Sher Shah Ghari.After the death of parents and wife he chose mysticism. He became a disciple of Hazrat Sahib Karmani and chose mysticism. He served him for a long time. He became Khizer Sultan from Khizer Jat.He was assigned the task of preaching islam in Jalalpur but he went ‘Hurmain Sheraifane’ with a carvan according to the directions of “Murshad” before coming here,he remained constant in prayer with devotion in ‘Khana kaaba’and in Masjid –e- Nabvi for twelve years then he left for Bughdad and spent another 12 years at the tomb of Ghose Azam, during these years he left for ‘Harmain Shirefain’.
    Thousand people of Jalalpur benefited from him in the reign of Mughal’s govt. A land was specified for alms and food which remained since the reign of Sikh. Then a lot of part of this land was occupied by the British Govt. His Urs was arranged with reverence every year.
  • Syed Niamat Ali Shah
    His tomb is in Jalalpur city at the wall.He was the son of Noor Shah Sadar-U- Din and he was the real brother of Wali Qutab Imam of Begum Kot Lahore. He arrived at Jalalpur for the preaching Islam.He remained there for the services of Islam . He died at the age of 90 and buried in Jalalpur.His urs was arranged on 15 ‘Har’(A month of ‘Bikrami’ year) every year.
  • Sheikh Mosa Dud
    This saint was the contemporary of Baba Fareed Gunj Shaker and among his devotees. It is stated that once Hazrat Baba Fareed Gunjh Shaker was going for pilgrimage ,he asked Sheikh Mosa Dud to come with him for pilgrimage but he apologized when Hazrat Baba Fareed reached ‘Macca’ he saw that Mosa Dud was already there. He asked Mosa Dud .”How did you came there?” The devotees of Fareed Shaker Gunj called him Mosa Dud for the very reason. He was in reality “Lungha”by caste.He was called sheikh due to his piety after that he came in Jalalpur and started preaching Islam. He was died here and buried in Mehmood Pur a slum of Jalalpur.
  • Sakhi Sabat Shah
    His tomb is situated between the Sukheki and Kot Nakka towns, a village called by his name. he came here about two hundred year ago for the preaching islam.He dug a well for passengers and made a guest house in which alms & food was very common. Two gangs were beaten from Asar to Isha prayers so that the passengers take rest and shelter here.Hindu and Muslims were among his devotees.When Ranjeet Singh became the Ruler of the Punjab, he gave the land of Sabat Shah to him.He had no children of himself . So his property transferred to his devotees. His two devotees Mehtab Shah and Ghulam Nabi are buried in courtyard of the tomb of Sakhi Sabat Shah.His urs was arranged in the month of ‘Muharram’.
  • Baba Malan Shah
    He was a famous mentor and buried in moza Hameeroki. He was born in Baba Nathulal in 1870 in Pindi Bhattian moza Dilwan Sharif .when the area hit by flood, the English Govt. gave him alternative area and settled him. He was fond of generosity and used to prayers and fast regularly. He had special interest in Dhola, a genre of punjabi poetry. He became a disciple of the Baba Lehny Shah. He put off rich dress and wear Noshahi dress. He remained settled in many areas of Sub-continent. His love for mysticism reached at its peak. He left for Lahore, after sometime and settled outside the Lahore High Court. Then he settled Mayani Sahib. After traveling many areas he went Ludan District Vehari. Where he died on 31 st December, 1941. His dead body brought from Ludan to moza Hameeroki. It is stated that he is the only saint in the whole sub continent whose urs is arranged through the year this festival is arranged at the very places where he remained settled for his worship. His devotees are in all over the Pakistan who have been leading mystic lives.
  • Syed Muhammad Hayat Shah Bukhari
    Religious and spiritual personality, born in 1884 in the village Nawan Kot situated at the western Bank of River Chanab. He gained his early education from his respected father and uncle. He joined Qadria sect after that he learned religious knowledge from Molvi Shamas Din. He got gift of the gab.Then he take the oath of allegiance by peer Mahar Ali Shah Sahib of Golara Sharif and joined Chistian sect, after residing here for sometime he returned and started preaching Islam enthusiastically. He died in February 1949 and buried in Moza Nawa Kot when this area hit by flood, his devotees dug his dead body out and reburied it in Moza Khurram Chorera by providing 5 canal land.he also played a vital role in ‘Pakistan Movement’.
  • Sheikh Behlol Daryai
    His full name was Behlol Din. He was born in a small village Vanukay, a slum of Lalian town near the bank of chanab river District Jhang in 1514.His father name was Mian Mosa.He got his early education from the school of his area.He was married in an early young age.Two sons Muhammad Ali and Wali Muhammad born to him. His inner restlessness became unbearable at the age of 28. Sheikh Behlol left for the pilgrimage of ‘Harmain Shrifain’.He had no luggage for voyage,only he has trust in God. He had visited the tomb of Haider Qarar(R.A)and then tomb of Hazrat Imam Hussain(R.A).Then he left for ‘Harmain Shirifain’,after about three years he arrived in baghdad.He had visited the tomb of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA)then he left Baghdad and reached the top(summit) cave of punj sher mountain in afghanistan a similar picture of ‘Ashabe kohaf,s’ cave.He got spiritual guidance from a saint then he left for Lahore.He went in the mosque Abu Bakar of mohallah Tilla Gaga where famous Punjabi poet Shah Hussain was living.Sheikh Behlol made Shah Hussain his pupil.he performed his duty of giving him religious and spiritual education.This era was politically decaying age in sub-continent for about 26 years.So he left Lahore but instead of going to his native town he arrived at Pindi Bhattian,he was died here and buried near the village Kalowal near the bank of Chanab but this place hit by the river and then his dead body dug out and reburied at a nearby place of Tibba Shah Behlol which is famous for his name.
  • Mian Donga
    His mazaar is located in the village ” Nehrian Wala ” , he was very pious and well charactered man . He had a special attention and respect for Mian Ali Muhammad ( village Bath ) .
  • Sheikh Fareed
    He was a very religious and pious person . Mian Haji and Ashraf are Gaddi Nasheen . His mazaar is located in the village ” Mat ‘ t -e- Ki .
  • Bawa Aqil Shah
    He belonges to saadat ( Sayyed ) family . He was a pious saint . His mazaar is situated
    between Peelo and Shah Jamal village .
  • Mian Jaan Muhammad Huzuri
    His mazaar is located in the Hafizabad ’s village called Lawere . His poetry is mostly in punjabi language .
  • Shah Chhahta
    His mazaar is located among villages Sardaran , Dera Jamoon , and Ghamnian Khurd .
  • Shah Abdullah Ghos
    His mazaar is located in the famous Mohallah Garhi Awan .
  • Shah Sayyeda
    His mazaar is situated near Railway Line Graveyard ( Bada Qabrastan ).
  • Shah Qalandar
    He belonged to Jalandhar city . His grave is situated in the east of Big Graveyard railway line.
  • Sayyein Abdullah
    His grave is situated in the middle of railway phatak and mosque soobe dar wali .
  • Baba Mastan Shah
    His mazaar is located in Mohallah Masjid Dhab Wala .
  • Sayyein Jalal
    His mazaar is near village Harsakh Rai . Festival ( Mela ) being celebrated in may .
  • Bawa Afzal
    His mazaar is near village madharianwala .
  • Sayyein Allah Dita
    His mazaar is located at Jamoon Wala Dera , and is adjacent to Mosque Rajbah Jurian. The famous link roads to Ghunian Khurd and Kalan are also located here.
  • Mian Qamar Din
    His mazaar is located in the village Kassoki . A mosque is also being constructed there after his name.
  • Mian Khair-u-Din Qadri
    His grave is located in the old grain market of Kaleki , Arshad Qadri is his sajada nasheen
  • Baba Muhammad Shah
    His grave is located in the village Adoki .
  • Pir Muhammad Amir Shah Bukhari
    He was a very pious saint and his grave is located in the village Dohata Azmat Shareef .
  • Mian Raheema’n (Abdul Rarheem)
    His real name was Abdul Raheem . In Mian Raheema’n , his son is maulvi and mudaras

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