Basic History Of Hafizabad

Hafizabad is an old city. In ancient times, When in 327 B.C Sikandar-e-Azam attacked the Hindustan then this territory ‘ Sandal Bar ‘, ( Where is now the current Hafizabad is located ) was a populated area . Big cities were located in this territory and a lot of sub states were organized here in the presidency of Maharajaz and Rajaz. In Sixth century, the famous Chinese tourist Hewang Sayan when came here, this area was backward but not empty yet. Then the tourist moved to Sangla , he stayed one night in one good town called then Jai Pura . Which was located near village Koriala, but afterwards this territory became unpopulated and jungle-like area because of shortage of water and Afghan attackers.
This situation remained the same till King Akbar’s Period . About village ” Mehdi Abad ” think that in Ashok’s Period here was a big city located , which was a holy place for budhists which named after ” Bodhaya ” .
In King Akbar ‘s Period
Once upon a time, King Akbar came here for hunting. King lost his companies as he was busy in hunting. This territory was jungle like area and there was nothing to eat or drink. The King felt thirst and wanted to drink some water. Suddenly he saw the signs of smoke, was astonished to see the smoke. That how and from where this smoke is coming. He followed the way and found a cottage, and in the cottage there was a man named Sarmast . King told him about his thirst and asked to arrange some water , sarmast had no water , well he called up the grazing deer and milked to serve the king with milk . King drank the milk and asked the Sarmast that he was a king and please ask me for the thing you want , i would do what you want , Faqir Sarmast asked him to build a town for his pupils . King promised and ordered the current Hakim named Hafiz Meerak to construct and build a city here.
Hafiz Meerak did as the King ordered, and built a town here and the town was named after his name Hafizabad . About Hafizabad one authentic reference says that King Akbar wanted to name this town as Akbarabad but the name Hafizabad got popular until the King knew about its creation . King Akbar also remained the name same as Hafizabad . History Men think that this city came into being between 1556 – 1570. The main population was located there, where now recent old church is located.

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